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How I Get My Kids to Listen to Me

by Andrea Anderson on January 17, 2018

How do I get my kids to listen to me? I don’t. Sometimes I can’t get them to listen to me. And, sometimes I just give up. Great parenting advice, right? Keep listening… My kids are individuals.  They aren’t me. They have their own minds and came into this world with their own wants and […]

You. Me. We. We’ve so F’in Got this.

by Andrea Anderson on December 4, 2017

You. Me. We. We’ve so F’in got this. Whatever is up for you. Your kids. Your relationships. Any and ALL of it. You’ve so F’in got this. Why? Because underneath the sad lonely story you’re telling yourself And, we’ve ALL told ourselves those stories… Underneath this is the TRUTH. The Truth of who you are. […]