You. Me. We. We’ve so F’in Got this.

by Andrea Anderson on December 4, 2017

You. Me. We. We’ve so F’in got this.
Whatever is up for you.
Your kids.
Your relationships.
Any and ALL of it.
You’ve so F’in got this.
Because underneath the sad lonely story you’re telling yourself
And, we’ve ALL told ourselves those stories…
Underneath this is the TRUTH.
The Truth of who you are.
The Truth of how great you are.
The Truth of how much F’in potential you have.
The Truth that your kids are sooo much more than the way they may be showing up now.
The Truth that they too have boat loads more potential than what you see now.
Boat loads.
The Truth that you can actually tap into this potential.
By letting go of that sad, lonely, woes me story.
The one that keeps playing through your brain and is causing you to shrink, play small and continually expect shit in your life.
You CAN rise above this.
And you WILL rise above this if you
LET GO OF THAT shitty story.

First small, but mighty step:
Find one thing you like doing.
I mean, really like doing.
And, do it.
Do it every day.
Do it as much as possible.
Then, find a something else you like doing and do that continuously too.
Keep going.
Make it a habit to feel good and, the woes me will start to fade.

One can not move past something that feels awful by dwelling on awful.
You must focus on something that feels better to generate better feelings and better thoughts.
These better feelings and thoughts will then in turn generate high vibration experiences in your life.
Potential is tapped when high vibrations are felt.
So, what’s one thing you can start doing TODAY?
Why wait girl?
You’re potential is calling.
And those kids, they can only live in their potential if YOU live in your potential too.
So, there you have it.
Extra motivation to find something that feels good and do it.

Blessings Rock Star awesome mamas!
My heart is with you.


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