Why Parent’s Emotions Matter When it Comes to Healing Your Kid’s ADHD, ADD, Autism + Anxiety

by Andrea Anderson on December 30, 2018

Recently, I started feeling stressed and caught up in “to dos”.  I noticed I started to have that feeling that if I didn’t get it ALL DONE that somehow I wouldn’t be ok.  My kids or someone in my family might not be ok if I didn’t take care of all the holiday stuff I thought I had to take care of.

This was a lie.

I never HAD to take care of everything on my list.  I just thought I did.

And once I caught myself in this ill suited story (AKA, a lie), I would close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and start to feel the tension in my body.  I’d let some of the pain + stress move through me. (As much as I could anyway.)

This brought me some relief.

Just enough relief actually, that I could tell myself the Truth: Do what you can.  Let the other stuff go if you need to.

Once in the space of relief, I relaxed more. And, felt better as I did partake in my “to dos.”

Everything flowed much better from this place of relief.

Gifts I thought I had to search for, surfaced without any searching.

I bought many things on sale and with free or minimal shipping.

Why does this matter?

Well, it’s not a big deal actually.  However it supports the point that, when we take time to align ourselves, to shift from stress and hurrying, to slowing down and feeling better, we open ourselves up to an energy that helps us.

And, when we try hard, push, and stress, we create resistance.

We shut ourselves down to following the easy path and instead take the harder path.

Both options are viable.

One just feels a heck of a lot better!

So, I share this because helping your kids and yourself Shine this year.  AKA- Thrive.  Feel awesome.  Do awesome things.  Get along well. Move past crappy situations… All of this happens much more easily when we open up to the energy that helps us.

I refer to this as higher vibration energy.

Vs. lower vibration energy.

Stick with me for a moment..

See, emotions are comprised of energy. Everything is comprised of energy.  Your computer, your phone, the chair or car you may be sitting in. The house you live in. Your clothing.  Everything.

When is comes to emotions, each emotion vibrates at a different level.  Some emotions vibrate at a lower level, some in the middle, and some at a much higher level.

Here’s a super quick example of how emotions vibrate:

Joy– super high vibration

Content– medium vibration

Depression– low vibration

Despair– Super low vibration

The reason I’m sharing this is so that (if you’re willing) you can pay attention to where your thoughts and emotions are.

If you’re in sadness or depression.  Ok. be there. However, if you stay here for awhile and decide to take action to help your kids or get sh*t done, don’t be surprised if it takes 10 extra steps to make a difference or accomplish what you hoped to accomplish.

This is because you can only attract circumstances and situations that match where you are emotionally vibrating at.

If you’re trying to help your kids heal in some way, and you’re feeling cruddy yourself, I guarantee it’ll take at least 10x  longer and it’ll feel like an uphill “battle” to really make progress.

Remember, this is due to your thoughts and emotions being in a lower vibration.

And, this is one of the main reasons why parents who want to help their kids clear from ADD, ADHD, autism, anxiety, or anything for that matter, don’t always make the progress they’d like.

Because the parents themselves are stuck in a lower feeling and thinking vibration. (Been there and done that by the way!)

Healing anyone or anything requires higher vibrations.

So, on the flip side, if you make it a point to realign yourself with higher vibrations EVERYDAY you will make your journey to heal your kids or yourself MUCH easier.

Or, if you’re just looking to feel freakin’ awesome and create fun awesome experiences in your life and your kids, focusing your thinking and actions so that you make being in higher vibration emotions DAILY, will help you to make this shift.

Here’s the thing though.

It takes courage and focus.

Courage because most people have been taught to follow the path of struggle and martyrdom. And, when you follow a higher vibration path (i.e. doing things that are fun and uplifting) people wonder what you’re up to.  Why you aren’t struggling and working extra hard. You start to not fit in with the “lets struggle, complain, and feel bad for ourselves” group.

In time, you won’t mind though, because feeling awesome will trump feeling crappy.

Next, it takes serious focus.

Instead of focusing on what you can do to help your kids (next 10 steps to take) or to help  yourself (additional 10 steps to take), you will need to make finding ways to feel good and raise your emotions into the space of higher vibrations the main priority.

This takes Focus and daily application.

And, will pay off in MAJOR returns if done consistently.

This my friend, is one of the missing pieces in the feel-good-thrive + help your-kids-heal recipe.

Many others have great ideas for food or supplements. (Time to pat myself on the back- I’m one of them! wink, wink!)

Most of these ideas are helpful.  However, food and supplements create a portion of the healing. They don’t create complete healing.

Directing your thoughts and emotions helps to complete the healing.

If you’re taking action from lower vibration thinking and emotions, it may feel like you’re on a hamster wheel.  Or making some progress, but, just not enough.

Get off the hamster wheel.

Make the difference in your life and your kid’s life too.

Pay attention to your emotions and thinking.

And yes, this is the part where I tell you I can help.

I do this daily.

And I help clients do this too.

In the meanwhile, no need to reach out to me if you’re not ready.

Just start noticing your thinking on your own, and catch yourself when you feel “low”.  Stay there for a bit, but, move the heck on if you want MORE for you and your family!!!

Blessings!  You so deserve living an awesome, more easeful life with your family.

Now’s the time.

Go for it!

Sending you love now and for the year ahead!

Rock on Mamas!

Here’s to HIGH Vibrations in 2019!!!



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Andrea Anderson, CHHC

Author. Health Coach + Mentor

For Families with anxiety, sensory concerns, learning challenges,

ADD, ADHD + autism.

Helping moms improve their kids + teen’s symptoms naturally

and get their life back!





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