Where are You Stuck? This Unique Strategy Overcomes Problems- FAST!

by Andrea Anderson on August 4, 2011

When trouble arises in your life, do you immediately start looking for a solution to fix it? Or, ruminate on where the problem may be coming from, what lesson are you suppose to learn, where does this problem have it’s origin… analyze, analyze, that’s what you do! Sound familiar?

Yup! I can relate. I like to overcome problems, make peace with their roots, and continue to evolve.

Well, as I share in this week’s tip, deliberating over problems isn’t always the best approach.

Why? And what the heck else can you do to overcome your concerns (without focusing on them)?

I invite you to check out this week’s video tip to learn exactly why AND most importantly, what you can do instead, that will sky rocket your chances of overcoming your health, life or relationship concerns!

Click here to watch this week’s video tip

Would LOVE to hear what you think. I welcome you to post your comments and tid bits of your experiences below. Thanks for sharing!

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