My Bra Strap Coming Undone Showed Me a Glimpse of How I’d Been Temporarily Showing Up in My Life. (Hint: I Knew I Could Do Better.)

by Andrea Anderson on September 18, 2018

I was jogging yesterday and my bra strap came undone.  One strap detached completely from my bra.

I then found myself continuing to jog because I knew I wanted to keep moving AND the last time this happened I had to hide behind bushes and take my shirt off to fix it.

I wasn’t in the mood to take my shirt off and besides, I wasn’t seeing a good spot to do so, that felt private enough.

So, I had a choice, keep jogging and ignore the strap or keep trying to fix it as I jogged.

Here’s the the thing:

Jogging is something I do often to relax myself. To clear my thinking, to reset my thinking, to refocus on what feels good instead of being caught up in distracting thoughts that can weigh me down.

So, by trying to fix my bra for several minutes, I was not focused at all on focusing my thoughts on things that felt good. On looking around at nature. At feeling how nice the day felt- the light breeze, the warmth…

I then realized this was a perfect example of what I’d been doing with my thinking lately.

I was choosing to focus on “fixing something” taking care of something.  Getting cr@p done. And I was focusing on things I didn’t like.

And, in doing so, I wasn’t feeling as good.

My energy was ok, but, I was beginning to act annoyed with people around me- especially my family.

Sure, they were doing things I didn’t like, but, truth be told, when I focus my thinking on things that feel good, relax myself into alignment, then when my family does things I don’t like, I can take a step back and see things differently.

I can see that whatever is happening is not that big of a deal.

I understand often why it’s happening and I can bypass drama. (not always, but often, definitely more often than when I’m slightly stressed!)

So, my bra strap coming undone showed me a glimpse of how I’d been temporarily showing up in my life.

Distracted by something that I thought needed to be taken care of, changed, fixed.

So, I let go.

I let one bra strap be completely disconnected from my bra while one breast hung lower and flapped under my t-shirt while I jogged.

And, at first it was distracting. It felt goofy.  I didn’t like it.

Then, I forgot about it.

I began to look around. Take in nature and the trees.

I started to think about things that helped to raise my energy and vibration. I began thinking about things that felt better to focus on.

I ended the jog with my regular stretches having forgotten about the detached bra strap and the uncomfortableness of having only one breast supported.

Why do I share this?

Because we ALL have times when we can focus on what’s in front of us that doesn’t feel good and it’s real easy to keep our focus there.

Be it kids or teens that are having difficulties.

You and your partner or spouse having a tricky time parenting.

You feeling cruddy.

Whatever it may be, it’s easy to let the thing that’s right in front of you distract you and take all or most of your attention.

However, when you do this, you give this situation more power. More energy.

And, it grows.

It grows into something that feels harder to move past.

It grows into something that feels worse.

And, quite often becomes worse.

So what do you do when you have something you don’t like that’s happening with your kids or yourself, and it’s undeniably happening day in and day out- or at least quite often?

You try your damnedest to look past it.

You pull out ALL of your focus and start looking at other things that feel better.

You focus your thinking on what is good right now. Things that bring you relief.

Things that feel better to think about.

Things that feel better to do.

I could have spent my entire time jogging focusing on my stupid uncomfortable bra strap and flapping breast, and I wouldn’t have noticed anything that was good around me.

And I would have wasted my entire jog fixated on the problem- my detached bra strap and trying to fix it.

By not focusing on it, I felt better.

Completely better.

The situation hadn’t change.

Just my focus had.

And, as a consequence, I felt pretty darn good after jogging.

And, because I felt good, when I then sat down to work for the day, things flowed well.

When I interacted with my kids, I felt pretty good and treated them accordingly.

When we feel good we align with people and situations that feel pretty good.

When we feel bad, we align with people and things that feel pretty bad.

So, when you have a situation that feels troublesome and keep most of your attention on it, you actually call more crappy emotions in, and you’re feeding it more fuel to grow.

To grow into a bigger problem.

So, if you’re willing, why not experiment with looking the other way.

Focusing on something that feels better.

It doesn’t mean you never address what’s happening that you don’t like.

It just means you address it later- or perhaps MUCH later, when you feel good and higher level, inspiring ideas come to you to act on.

After all, any idea that comes to you when you feel frustrated or upset are ideas that will weigh you down more and tend to complicate your life and often the situation you’re seeking to move past.

So, my wonderful moms who love their kids to the sun and back, why not try NOT focusing on the “issues” and specifically refocusing on things that feel better?

I promise your life and your kids’ lives will only benefit significantly from this!

Yes, I promise.

But don’t take my word for it.

See for yourself.

Have fun, feeling good!

Blessings + Rock on!



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