The 2 Basics to Go Back to When Things Feel ‘Mixed Up’ For Your Kids Again

by Andrea Anderson on February 8, 2016

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Very often we’re looking for a way to make things feel better for our kids.  To “fix” something that feels like a “problem” for them.

Sometimes it school.

Sometimes it’s with their friends.

Sometimes it’s with the way they act.

How well they listen.

How reactive they get.

How good they feel about themselves.

On + on + on it goes.

We want our kids to be ok.  

To feel good.  


For starters, I will say this again + again, to make sure this seed is planted:  Your kids are already ok.  No matter what the heck is going on for them.

Breathe that one in for a minute.

Now, what else can you do?

Go back to the basics.

Check in with yourself + your thinking.

Did you already decide your son or daughter will move past this ‘issue’ or are you thinking they’re stuck?

You MUST DECIDE they will move past it, or yes, you will both remain stuck, in a holding pattern.


Next, check in with how they’re eating these days.

Did they start to eat lots of junk food again. Food with chemicals and additives?

Or maybe you haven’t started helping them to clean up their eating.  That’s ok.

Food affects our moods.  How we act + react.

Cleaner more natural food = calmer, more wholesome thoughts + behaviors.

I wrote a short article on this topic for the Natural Nutmeg. If you want to know what foods will help your kids (and you) to decrease some of the behavior struggles, anxiety, big reactions check out the article.

The article also explains what type of thoughts mom will want to connect with more to help move past your current struggles.

Here it is (an easy short read, but helpful.)

Be well my beautiful moms.

Sending you loving energy to be strong yet open.



PS Resonate with anything I said + want to learn more unconventional ways to support your kids feeling + being their best? You’re welcome to a free audio that I created to help with that.

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