Something Happened I Didn’t Like. Here’s the Guidance I Received.

by Andrea Anderson on December 27, 2017

Something happened recently that I didn’t like.  I got caught up in my emotions and frustration about it.  Right before bed, I journaled a question:

What should I do about this situation?

The very next morning I awoke in the middle of a dream.  In this dream I was walking down a street and was inspired to start speaking very loudly.  Here are the words (to the best of my recollection of what I was saying):

When my body wants to go for a walk and I listen, I’m in rapture.

When my body is hot and I cool it down, I feel just right.

When my body says please help me, I hate this- whatever it is, usually something I’m allowing and, well I listen and stop. it. I stop doing that crap. Or tolerating that crap.

I’m in Relief.

And, eventually Rapture.

When I hate doing the dishes I stop.

I figure out a new way to get them done.

Not make myself do them anyway.

It’s so simple.

My body knows.


My body knows what’s best for me.

When I push through and don’t listen I’m miserable.

I hate and blame those around me.

But, really underneath it all I just don’t like myself for NOT listening.

Not listening to the call to Stop.

To stop doing crap I don’t like.

To stop tolerating crap I don’t like.

And, start Listening.

Listening instead to what I DO like to do.

My body knows.

She really knows.

And, when I listen. Listen and then follow her commands:

Drink some water.

Stop listening to those people try to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do.

Stop being everything to everyone else.

And just be and do what She feels. My body feels.

Then and only then I live Pure. Real. Rapture.

My heart hearing her.

My beautiful. Healthy. All knowing  body.


Join me.  Your body knows too.

Listen. And be so honoring as to follow.

It will take courage.

And there will be Big Time Pay off.

Living in Bliss.

More Bliss than you’re used to.

And if you can’t believe in Bliss. Then know it will be more Relief than you typically live.

Lets listen and follow only what our body says together.

You know your body and to override Her leads to funky unfun experiences that you could bypass altogether by listening.

So why not listen?

That feeling of radiant Bliss awaits you.

That feeling of Bliss is possible right now.

Lets listen. And follow. Her. Commands.


To your wonderful bodies + the courage to listen!


PS I realized upon awaking this was MY answer to my question before going to sleep.  The Universe delivered my answer.

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Blessings + Rock on!


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