How to Always Know What to Do Next To Help Your Child or Teen

by Andrea Anderson on March 8, 2017

Shhh, do you hear that?

It’s your heart.

It’s telling you something: Lean in. You CAN have a better life. Your kids can have a better life. You CAN have what you want.
You must do one thing first.


Sometimes we listen and don’t hear the whole message or aren’t sure what’s it’s saying.
Then we move about our day and notice an idea, a book an article or message we come across catches our attention. It’s our message. Delivered directly to us. It answers our question. Our concern.
Now. Check in with yourself. Do you resonate with this message?

Well then, follow. Follow the idea. Step into it and let it guide you to what you need next. To what your kids need next. Follow until you feel set.
Follow until you feel relief.
Follow until you feel free.

Word to the wise: only follow when you resonate with what you hear.
STOP when it feels like you’re pushing up hill.
Back off and wait until you resonate with an idea or strategy.
Then and only then follow.

This will make life a whole lot easier.
And ‘healing’ pleasurable.

Yup.  I did say, ‘healing’ pleasurable.

Trust yourself.
Follow what brings relief.
Rinse and repeat.



PS  Resonate with the words I shared? Here’s a link to a fr*ee audio that shares 3 steps I followed to help clear my sons of autism. You’re welcome to check it out if you’d like.

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