How I Help Myself Relax + Get Along Well With My Kids

by Andrea Anderson on December 21, 2016

Hi there!

I have something I do when I want to feel relaxed (yet energized).

It’s something that helps me to lift my spirits, get my creative juices flowing AND when it comes to sitting down and helping my kids with their homework, (or whatever they need help with), I find I feel more present and actually enjoy helping them- instead of feeling like I want to pull my hair out.

For me, this method is hands down, a game changer.

Have a peek if you’d like.

And, if this method resonates with you, give it a try for yourself- it’s powerful stuff!

Hope your holidays are AWESOME!!!



PS Feel ready to make 2017 the year you+ your kids feel really good:  School going smoother, family getting along better, kids behaviors more “controllable”…  two ideas for ya:  You’re welcome to my f*reebie audio (shares some key tips for getting started)


If you’re really ready to move forward, here’s a link to my book -chalk full of in depth strategies that I followed to heal my sons of autism.  This approach works for anxiety, ADD, ADHD, learning challenges, sensory stuff + autism.  Book link

Know someone who might resonate and could use the help- be a healing angel and send them this info.  Who knows, it may make a BIG difference in their lives.

Freebie audio:


Thanks.  Peace to you + your family. Always!



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