Collecting My Son’s Evaluation Results + My Mental Pep Talk During the School Meeting

by Andrea Anderson on February 23, 2017

I sat in a school board room with my son’s teachers, the principal, the school psychologist and others who were part of the evaluation process.

I felt comfortable walking in.  I knew whatever they revealed to me wouldn’t matter much. No offense to them, it’s just that I’ve learned to take what the tests and evaluations reveal with a grain of salt. Nothing they reveal is written in stone. 

And yet…There was still a thread of nervousness that began to rise in me as each person began to speak and share what they uncovered.

I began to feel my posture close and my shoulders slouch slightly.

Why was I doing this?

If I knew my son was “ok” and no matter what was revealed from the testing he was going to continue to be ok and move PAST anything they sited as “problematic” why oh why was I getting nervous?

Why was I allowing myself to hook onto their words and allow myself to become fearful?

Because I was forgetting the Truth.  I was following fear. I was doing what so many of us have done and will continue to do if we don’t catch ourselves:

Think someone else knows more than us when it comes to our kids AND that once they’re identified having an “issue” like an LD, ADD, ADHD or autism, that they’ll be in that BOX forever.  They’ll be stuck.

Nope. Not a choice in my mind.

There, remembering that brought some straightening to my spine. My shoulders returned to a more comfortable confident position.

The Truth: My son is ok. Yes, he was identified as having some “shit going on” still…  But over the years he’s moved past sooo very much, he will move past this.

Yes, he IS moving past this.

Deep breath.

Early on in his little infant life he showed signs of severe autism.

With support he cleared and moved into the space of having ADHD and an “intellectual disability”.

With time and clearing, he moved past this and entered into having ADD with some LD stuff. (learning challenges, as I refer to it).

It’s bothersome at times to have academic/learning or behavior stuff to address- I just want this to be EASY for him and myself (honestly).

However, when I take a step back this little dude of mine (not so little any longer, he’s 12 yrs  and 5ft 8inches), anyway, this boy of mine has ROCKED it with what he’s moved through.

And, he will continue to ROCK it with what he moves past.  I KNOW it.

And, you know what else, these evaluations are NEVER fully accurate.  NEVER.  Yes, they can sometimes be a decent temporary gauge of our kids, but there are so many variables that affect test results.  The child’s comfort level with taking tests, the way a question is interpreted, family habits and styles, disciplining approach and honestly so much more.

Point being, take the results with a grain of salt.

If you notice yourself feeling upset or fearful of the “results”, let yourself  “go there”.  Notice what you’re afraid of.

It’s usually that you’re child/teen won’t be ok.  They’ll be stuck in this state forever…

Go there, imagine that.  (for a few mins.)

Get that fear out of your system.

Then remember this:

Your child/teen is ok.  And, they don’t have to continue to have an LD, ADD, ADHD, anxiety or even autism.

No, if you tap into the feeling deep in your heart.

That aching feeling that is telling you you WANT MORE for your child + that somehow MORE IS possible for your child…

If you have this feeling then listen because it’s telling you something.  It’s telling you to: DECIDE they can move past this.

YES, this is a key decision here:

To NOT get caught up in the results of the evaluation and instead, DECIDE your child will be different.

Different from what these evaluations have expressed. Different from what teachers and others may expect of him or her because they have this label + interpret your child differently…

Allow your child or teen to RISE.

Give them the chance to move past this shit.

It is possible.

My older son has moved past all of this crap.  And, my younger son is doing the same.

We’re on the journey and have made heaps of progress.


So can you and your kid.

Join us on this journey.

Lets lift our kids out of these labels and into a bright world where they can do whatever the “F” they want!!!

There, that’s more like it.

My shoulders are back, my confident posture has definitely returned.

The Truth does this to us.  Brings us back into alignment.

Inviting you to find the Truth for your child/teen and Go After it With ALL of Your Heart.

Blessings + Rock on!!


PS Relate to what I’m saying? You’re welcome to collect a few ideas as to how to further improve your child/teen’s symptoms (naturally).  Here’s a link to a fr*eebie audio.  Enjoy!



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