How I Helped My Son Move Past His Anxiety

by Andrea Anderson on July 19, 2017

Hi there!

My older son was going for his driver’s learning permit today. I could tell he was starting to feel nervous and a bit anxious, so I made a gentle suggestion to him. I told him if he did this one thing, he would start to relax and once he relaxed, it would be easier for him to do well on the test.

By the way, this one little tip is something that ALL of us can use (parents, kids on the spectrum or anyone who feels nervous or anxious).

Here’s a video sharing the suggestion I made to help my son move past his anxiety (it also includes a second tool that I use quite a bit, this tool not only helps me feel relaxed, but has improved my overall health!)

Have a watch if you’d like!

Here’s to us + our kids feeling relaxed, confident + healthy!



Guessing some of you might be like me + LOVE when everyone gets along well in your family!

When all of you seem to be on the same page and EASE is the theme.

Lets face it.  We go through times when things feel easier and when things don’t.  So, how can we go from “just coping” to feeling AWESOME and loving our interactions with our kids?

Here’s something I do… Check it out if you’d like!

And, if you choose to apply this strategy to your life- have FUN with it -I do, (wink, wink)!!!