Obligation Mode vs Doing What You Really Want. How Do You Operate? And Why it Matters.

by Andrea Anderson on March 26, 2018

Sometimes we do things because we think we HAVE to.

And sometimes, we spend years in the mode of doing what we think we “have to do”…

Yup. I can relate…

Obligation goes like this:

Well, I have to bring my kids to their activities.

And, I have to make dinner.

I have to pick up the house.

I have to go grocery shopping.

I have to help my son with his homework…

Have to, have to, have to….

Well, not really.

This isn’t actually the case.

It’s only the case because we’ve told ourselves “we have to”.

And, we’ve been conditioned by those in our environment to think we “have to”.

Truth be told, it’s always a choice.

We could order out, or buy wholesome prepared dinners from the store or we could ask our husband or kids (if they’re able) to pitch in and make dinner.

You could even eat cereal for dinner!!

And, you can skip cleaning the house. Do it another day when it feels better to do it.  When you’re more comfortable doing it.

You can skip going to the grocery store.  Go some other time when it feels better to go…

Point here:

Often we think we have to do something and actually we can choose to do something else.

Quite frankly, we’re better off when we choose to do something else that feels better and brings us relief.

And, when we remember this and allow ourselves to not do the thing we don’t really want to do.  The thing we feel obligated to do, we feel so much better.


Well, the answer to that + how to feel MUCH better is in a short post I wrote for a good friend.  I invite you to check it out if you want to start making choices that lead to better feelings.

And, finally get off the hamster wheel of obligation.

At first glance this post may seem off topic.  Keep reading, it completely relates + may help you find relief!

Here’s that short post. =)

Blessings and Rock On Moms!



PS Looking for more insights + guidance with improving your kids symptoms and your life too? I’ve got a cool book that can perhaps give you just the boost you need!  Click here to grab a copy.  Or, click here for the first 2 chapters for Fr*ee!




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