Help Your Kid Move Past “Bad Behavior”

by Andrea Anderson on March 1, 2019

I just got off the phone with a client. She mentioned to me, when her son gets upset and has a temper tantrum she sometimes worries that he’s not “ok”. That he’ll always have these fits and not be able to handle himself.

I reminded her he’s “ok”. He’s clearing. He’s not stuck here forever. She’s more aware than ever on what to do to keep clearing his body. She’s taking action to help it happen and as a result his body is clearing. He will keep changing, clearing and improving, more and more and more.

No. He is not stuck here in “bad behavior” mode. He is clearing and getting better and better.

I reminded her, the more she remembers this and reminds herself of this, it helps her to shift her energy. And, it helps her to connect to an even higher level of healing energy.

See, when we question if something isn’t going to work. Like when you might say to yourself, is my kid going to get better? Will they always act like this when something goes wrong? You’re activating the energy of resistance.

Resistance always slows you down.

Trusting and feeling the energy of “We’ve got this”. Even when what you’re seeing unfold in front of you is NOT the actions or behaviors you prefer, you still have a sense of “We’ve got this.” He’s still clearing. He’s ok. We’ll all be ok.

THIS energy is open. Has movement and space to it. It ALLOWS healing in.

So, after this client session, I smiled to myself. Nothing makes me as happy as to remind a mom her son or daughter is CLEARING. They are getting better. And, when I say it, I feel it in my heart. I KNOW it to be true.

And, as we look at her little one (or older one) we can also actually SEE it unfolding. There’s visible proof.

Yet, even with the visible proof. We can question ourselves.

Our brain’s default mode is “negativity” and fear. Perhaps it stems from past experiences of humans needing to survive. Whatever story we want to attach to it’s meaning, it really doesn’t matter.

Point is, we just want to catch our thinking. Notice when it goes into fear based thoughts. And, shift it back to “I’m ok. My kids are ok. We’re moving past this.”

Thoughts like “We’ve got this” and they are “ok”. Are lighter more open thoughts. They welcome in MORE. They welcome in something better.

Closed thoughts like, “He’s not ok. He’s going to stay stuck. Is he always going to act like this? How will he get married and have a family someday if he handles himself this way? And on and on…

Even reading them, you can probably feel the energy. It’s all fear. It’s closed thinking. And, closed thinking creates closed results. Limited progress or momentum with clearing. Or with feeling good.

So, no matter where you’re at with helping your child or teen, even if you haven’t gotten started. Just the fact that you’ve found yourself here, reading this post, means you’re open. There’s room for something better.

For your kids.

And, for you too.

For the whole family.

And, it all starts with reminding yourself, “We’ve Got This.”

Blessings + Rock on awesome moms, who are doing a kick ass job with your kiddos (probably an even better job than you realize!!!!) We’ll save that topic for another post though!

Be well!



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Andrea Anderson, CHHC

Author. Health Coach + Mentor For families with anxiety, sensory concerns, learning challenges, ADD, ADHD + autism

Helping moms improve their kids + teen’s symptoms naturally and get their life back!

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