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Doing Well: 3 Steps to Get Your Kids’ Autism


& ADHD Symptoms Under Control (Before School Starts!)

ENCORE Complimentary ADHD & Autism Support Call: August 13th, at 9pm EST/6pm PST

Calling all dedicated moms:

You know who you are…

You take your child to endless activities and therapy sessions

You dutifully follow whatever the doctor or therapist recommends will help your child

You meet with teachers to make your child’s school life easier for them – and the teacher!

You’ve made some progress with helping your child’s condition improve

But there’s more. You want even more for them.

Well guess what you can get:

  • A child that is calmer and more easily focuses
  • A child who is less angry and able to talk about how they feel
  • A child who makes lots of friends and connects comfortably with their peers
  • A child who easily participates on sports teams and musical groups
  • A child who feels better about themselves

I wanted all of this for my sons too. And after 8 years of in-the-trenches-healing work, I cracked the code on how to make it happen. While you don’t need to to do everything just right, you do need to be 100% clear about certain things in order to make powerful improvements with your child’s challenges.

Most times, we think all we need is “the right” doctor or teacher or therapy and “presto” our child will start to really improve.

But before we can really make headway, there are certain secrets we need to know about our mindset and the Truth about ADHD & autism. Without this information, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to help your child. You just won’t get that far. (Trust me. I’ve tried.)

You need to know:

  • What is really happening when you’ve hit a plateau with improving your child’s ASD symptoms and how to break down the wall between where your child is actually at, and the results you really want for your child
  • What foods will improve your child’s behaviors and which ones will exacerbate their symptoms – big time!
  • What mindset will help you make more headway with improving your child’s challenges
  • When to follow doctors and therapist’s instructions and when it’s good to pull back (so you can get further with less effort!)
  • How to shake many of the behaviors and challenges that you thought might not get much better for your child
  • The real Truth about how your child ended up with ADHD or autism (so you can take the proper steps to really improve their symptoms!)
  • How you hold the key to your child’s healing and with the right thoughts and actions you can potentially heal them!

If you know that any of these are keeping you from seeing your child be their absolute best self, then I’ve got some potent answers to help you and your child now!

We’re talking…

…much more calmness for your child

…they begin making friends and getting along well with their peers

…they listen and cooperate with your requests and the teacher’s

and WAAAAY more happiness for you and your family than what you’ve experienced so far!

Please join me for my potent, get-to-the-heart-of-the-problem tele-class

Doing Well: 3 Steps to Get Your Kids’ Autism & ADHD Symptoms Under Control (Before School Starts!)

Where you’ll learn. . .

  • The right foods to eat to create lasting improvements in your child’s moods and ability to focus (and what foods to avoid)
  • What elements of your current environment are actually sabotaging your efforts to help your child feel and act better (and how to change them)
  • The 4 Keys that will bring about amazing improvements in your child’s ASD behaviors – super fast!

On this call I’ll share with you how. . .

I used a new Mindset to create a very high level of healing for my sons (and what the new Mindset is)

Specific foods will give you the awesome results for creating more calmness, focus and even helping to improve speech, eye contact, etc…

To make better lifestyle choices that leave your child feeling good and you at peace

I want you to experience the same level of healing that I have with my sons too!