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Book Description:

Discover in one book what it took Andrea more than eight years to figure out…

I Healed My Sons You’ve given so much of your time and attention to helping your child make progress with their ADHD or autism symptoms, do well in school, make friends and be happy. You want nothing more than the best for them.

As wonderful as your actions have been, here’s the simple truth: You’ve probably been going about this the hard way, trying many avenues from doctors to therapy. It helps, but doesn’t create substantial lasting changes you know in your heart you’re really looking for.

If you’re looking for lasting improvements and the potential to clear ADHD or autism so your child can be his or her best, you’ll want to become familiar with the 7 RESTORE Keys and the integral HELP Heal Mindset Andrea had to acquire (the hard way) and follow to really elevate her sons’ healing!

Use the HELP Heal Mindset and 7 RESTORE Keys in this book to:

  • Help your child focus and relax
  • Enable your child to connect well with peers and create lasting friendships
  • Make life easier for your whole family: kids and parents
  • Raise the quality of your child’s life and yours too!

More than 30 simple ways to upgrade how you think and live so you can set your child up for success!

“It’s a good book. I’m following all the steps I can and the result is great. My son was screaming for everything that disappointed him. After following the steps especially the change in food, I barely hear him scream (and now he has) more eye contact, (and) sleeps through the night.” ~ AmazonKindle book purchaser

“This book is written with warmth and love from a mother who cares deeply for all children. Anyone can learn about how to live their lives more fully by reading this book, but if one of your children suffers from ADHD or autism you will definitely want to read this book. Knowing what it is like to have children with major illnesses, I know how overwhelming and scary it can be at the outset. This book is written in such an easy to read manner like you are sitting down for a cup of tea with a good friend who is helping you to breathe into the overwhelm and map out a plan step by step with loving encouragement. There is no judgement here, just an invitation to heal and love yourself and your family more fully. There is lots of useful information to help you on your way and like a good coach, Andrea cheers you on from the very first page until the last. Andrea shares her journey of healing her sons with true authenticity and such a sweet and open heart.” ~ Cathy Whelehan, yoga teacher & owner of Open Sky Yoga Barn

“This book is a special gift given to us by Andrea… an easy to follow guide not only to help families with Autistic children, but for the rest of us to use as a tool to gain healthy and happy lives.” ~ Pam Davis, Newtown, CT, owner & founder of www.OurGreenHouse.com

About the Author: Andrea Anderson is an author, speaker and coach to families with ADHD or autism. Andrea has dedicated the last eight years to healing her sons and she now brings the gifts of her experiences to other families, helping you set up practices to support clearing your child’s ASD and having an easier better life!

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Get the first 2 chapters of my book FREE!

Just enter your name and email address below and I’ll email you
the introduction and the first 2 chapters of my book right away (ebook version)!