May 2012

A Recipe that Helps You to Love Yourself More

by Andrea Anderson on May 24, 2012

Ate a plate of fries the other night. Nothing else, just fries. Felt tired and slow and pretty unmotivated afterward. Next day, I was doing fine until mid afternoon, then the grouchies came to visit. Noticed myself making a bigger deal over things then I really needed or wanted to. I even began to question […]

Ever Desire to Be Your Crazy Beautiful Real Self?

by Andrea Anderson on May 10, 2012

I currently have a different day job from my business. I’m temporarily helping a non-profit organization with some of their hiring needs. In short, I’m a recruiter. In this setting, I have found, (and I was guilty of this for sometime), most people are trying to conform. Trying to follow the company rules, doing their […]