Fun Technique to Help Calm You + Your Kids

by Andrea Anderson on June 26, 2015


I’ve been doing something lately that has helped me to clear my thoughts, feel more content and grounded.

This is something I recommend to other moms and their kids.

And this same technique helps to ease anxiety too.  Anyone have anxious feelings sometimes?  Or how about anxious kids?

Hot damn!  In the world we live in, feeling rushed and anxious has become the norm for many- not a healthy norm, but the norm, none-the-less.

So what the heck is the technique I’ve been using on myself that has helped me a lot?

I take my shoes and socks off and walk in the grass, on the driveway, in the sand or dirt.  I do this for at least 10 minutes (or more!)

So what’s the big deal about doing this?

Well, our bodies become affected by the energy of the computers, and cellphones we use, then there’s the lack of being outside and spending the majority of our time inside.  There’s our stressful thoughts, chaotic experiences with family or work… On and on.

Each of these things contributes to ‘funking up’ yes, I said ‘funking up’ (never even thought about using the other F word, just felt like using a clever, made- up word! wink, wink!)  So back to the point, our energy and bodies are greatly impacted by our environment.

When we take a walk outside and connect with the earth, no shoes, no rubber separating us from the ground, we reconnect with the earth’s energy.

Everything is made up of energy, our earth is no exception.  She’s made up of crazy, strong GROUNDING energy.  Taking a few minutes to walk around barefoot will allow you to clear out some of that funky energy you’ve been exposed to during the day and realign your body, and even recalibrate your thoughts.

Translation:  Feel more relaxed + grounded.

This is also excellent for our kids too!

Even better, have the entire family get outside without your shoes on, and watch what happens after doing this for awhile- you will all begin to feel better.

So simple + yet so helpful!

Have fun!

It’s the perfect time of the year to go outside without shoes on!

Here’s to wiggling your toes in the sand, garden + driveway!

I’m excited to get my tootsies outside right now! Wink, wink!



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To Fix or Not to Fix? Which One?

by Andrea Anderson on March 27, 2015


Us mamas + papas too, very often think we need to spring into action if something feels or looks ‘off’ with our son or daughter.

We think we’re suppose to make things better.  Help improve a situation or ‘fix it’.

Who wants to see their child suffer or fall behind (in school, with their peers, etc.)

Allowing myself to be open and honest here, I too have experienced this line of thinking.  As a matter of fact, this was part of the core desire I had to “make everything better for my sons” when I figured out they were on the spectrum.

And, while this line of thinking helped me to jump into action, find answers and start clearing out my sons’ bodies (it does carry benefits to a certain degree!)  This line of thinking also, eventually left me feeling tired, overwhelmed and lonely.

I was trying to do something impossible.  Trying to make everything better for my sons.  Trying to fix them.  I didn’t realize this several years ago, however I know this to be true now:  They weren’t broken then and they aren’t broken now.  There is no fixing necessary.

Now, this is not to say, I don’t ever need to lift a finger to help my sons or anyone, because none of us are broken.

It just means, I don’t need to take action all of the time.


I feel if the time is right to act.  To do something for them or for me, or whomever.  If something ‘feels right’ and you feel inspired to take the next step- drawn to take that next step, then somehow that next step is important for you (or them.)

However, I caution you to not take action purely based on rationale.  Stats say to do so.  This doctor or expert said this approach is best, that teacher said you really should….

Stop. Check in with yourself.  See how you feel.

You and you alone will know if the time is right to take action.

And, you and you alone will know if the proposed idea or action is right for you or your family.

If it feels good and like a sigh of relief, its ‘right’.  If it feels tight, heavy or burdensome- it’s not right for you at this time, or perhaps ever…who knows- only you!

Save yourself time and energy.

Create more ease in your life.  For you + your family.

Begin to trust yourself more and more.

Follow your gut instinct.

Listen and feel what is best for you and your family.

When you do, there’s a good chance things will begin to feel more comfortable.

I’ve learned from Dr Drew Rozell, “You can’t work your way to easy.”  Oh, yah.

To create more feelings of contentment, try first checking in and seeing what is best for you. What feels good for your family.

Do less.  Listen more. Act only when necessary.

And always, always know, any action you take is not about fixing something broken.  It’s all about allowing your whole self – and your kids whole selves to shine brighter.  A little polishing is ok when the time is right.

Otherwise we shine quite brightly even without polish! =)

Here’s to less polish + more peace!



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