Mamas: Did you know YOU have something that Drs + other experts don’t?

Something that can potentially change the course of your child’s life.

Perhaps even make things MUCH easier.

In this tip I tell you what it is you have that “they” don’t. And, how “it” can help your kid enormously!!!

I used this “strategy” when my younger son started to show signs of early autism and I continue to follow this to this day. It’s something that I will honestly rely on FOREVER now!

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Hello Everyone!

Did you know there are some thoughts that make it easier to improve your kids symptoms + then, there are other thoughts that will weigh you down + actually slow down or completely hinder any progress you were hoping to make.

Check out this video to find out which thoughts “help” + which thoughts can “hurt” your forward momentum…

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Love to you + your kids!

=) Andrea

PS  Since this is my first video (after a long video reprieve) I’m still working some kinks out…My older son just informed me that reversing the video camera on an iPhone is NOT a good idea, makes for foggier videos… Oh, well, live and learn.  Perhaps the next video will be an upgrade.

As for now, lets talk more about what thoughts can make a significant difference for you and your kids:

PPS  Thanks again all you wonderful mama’s who participated in the Mom Interviews!  Loved talking with you, you gals ROCK!!!

PPPS If you happen to resonate with my unconventional (more mindful + holistic) approach to improving your kids symptoms, you might like my freebie audio which shares 3 more important ways you can help your kids feel + act “better” naturally.