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Very often we’re looking for a way to make things feel better for our kids.  To “fix” something that feels like a “problem” for them.

Sometimes it school.

Sometimes it’s with their friends.

Sometimes it’s with the way they act.

How well they listen.

How reactive they get.

How good they feel about themselves.

On + on + on it goes.

We want our kids to be ok.  

To feel good.  


For starters, I will say this again + again, to make sure this seed is planted:  Your kids are already ok.  No matter what the heck is going on for them.

Breathe that one in for a minute.

Now, what else can you do?

Go back to the basics.

Check in with yourself + your thinking.

Did you already decide your son or daughter will move past this ‘issue’ or are you thinking they’re stuck?

You MUST DECIDE they will move past it, or yes, you will both remain stuck, in a holding pattern.


Next, check in with how they’re eating these days.

Did they start to eat lots of junk food again. Food with chemicals and additives?

Or maybe you haven’t started helping them to clean up their eating.  That’s ok.

Food affects our moods.  How we act + react.

Cleaner more natural food = calmer, more wholesome thoughts + behaviors.

I wrote a short article on this topic for the Natural Nutmeg. If you want to know what foods will help your kids (and you) to decrease some of the behavior struggles, anxiety, big reactions check out the article.

The article also explains what type of thoughts mom will want to connect with more to help move past your current struggles.

Here it is (an easy short read, but helpful.)

Be well my beautiful moms.

Sending you loving energy to be strong yet open.



PS Resonate with anything I said + want to learn more unconventional ways to support your kids feeling + being their best? You’re welcome to a free audio that I created to help with that.

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Have you ever worried about your kids + their emotions?

If you have a kid who’s prone to tantrums, frustration or anger, you can spend extra time worrying and tyring to figure out how to help them.

What’s the real drive behind helping our kids?

So that they can Thrive.

They can have a “normal”, happy, successful life.

The flipside of this is NOT acceptable to us.

And, if your kid ‘freaks out’ more easily, it can be easy to worry if they’ll ever be “ok”.  Will they learn how to calm themselves down?  Will they be kind to others?  Will they be a good mother or father someday?

Will they function well in society- as a “good kind person”.  Not a “bad” person.

(I put “bad” in parenthesis because I don’t believe anyone is BAD. At the core, we’re ALL good.)

With that being said, I wrote an article for The Huffington Post. (article link below).

Being a Newtown resident I saw a lot after the Sandy Hook event.  I noticed people’s reactions + attitudes.

The perpetrator of this event had Aspergers, by the way.

For any parent with a kid on the spectrum, this event may feel extra scary.

Nobody wants to believe it’s possible for something like this to happen, especially with their kids.

However, as the parent of a kid with frustration or anger concerns, you secretly fear you might not do a good enough job as a parent to ‘teach’ your kids well enough so something like this is bypassed.

Deep breath here.

You are already doing a good enough job. (Even if you don’t believe that yet.)

And, there are things we can do to help our kids + educate ourselves + others as to what else is possible for helping bypass future “fits” and thoughts that  lead kids + adults to react so strongly.

In my Huffington Post article, I briefly mention clean healthy food and some other steps we can take to help our kids + ourselves think more clearly + calm ourselves (or our kids) down.

The article shares much more than this.  However, one area I’m really taking a stand + I want more people to become aware of:

If we improve what we + our kids eat

If we improve what products we use

If we shift our thoughts from, below-the-radar- judgment of ourselves + our kids (as not doing it ‘right’ or not being enough)

We will begin to see a Shift.

A Shift in the direction of more calmness.

More understanding.  

More love for ourselves + others.

A Now + perhaps a future, that’s easier, gentler + calmer for them + us.

Nobody has to walk around feeling so angry with themselves + others.

It’s a choice to do this.

We CAN help them.

We CAN help ourselves.

Lets do this together.

For ourselves.

Our kids.

Our country

+ the World.

It’s possible.

You IN?

I invite you to read my article with the Huffington Post.

Much gratitude for you + all that you do for your kids + you to make your family’s life more comfortable,


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