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Did you know there are some thoughts that make it easier to improve your kids symptoms + then, there are other thoughts that will weigh you down + actually slow down or completely hinder any progress you were hoping to make.

Check out this video to find out which thoughts “help” + which thoughts can “hurt” your forward momentum…

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PS  Since this is my first video (after a long video reprieve) I’m still working some kinks out…My older son just informed me that reversing the video camera on an iPhone is NOT a good idea, makes for foggier videos… Oh, well, live and learn.  Perhaps the next video will be an upgrade.

As for now, lets talk more about what thoughts can make a significant difference for you and your kids:

PPS  Thanks again all you wonderful mama’s who participated in the Mom Interviews!  Loved talking with you, you gals ROCK!!!

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She Left This Earth, But Left Me With These Thoughts

by Andrea Anderson on May 17, 2016

Family Walking on Beach-Hazy Day

We do NOT need to make ourselves as busy as we think.

Its our choice to be busy.

We often think it’s happening to us, things to take care of for the family, for our kids, for the house, our business or work, or volunteer activities, our self growth work…

We could have said no.  We could even drop the ball.  We could change our minds.  We could let go and do less.

But, often we don’t.


Because it’s ingrained in each and everyone of us, that doing is better than BEING.

That being is lazy and selfish.

That “lazy” people don’t do much.

And the “successful” people are busy gettin’ shit done.

Truth be told.  Yes, some “successful” people are getting shit done.  (And, by the way, many are miserable!)

But, there are just as many “unsuccessful” people being busy too.  Spinning their wheels not making much of a difference in their lives or getting anywhere accept creating more busy-ness.

And, there are many successful people who “arrived” by taking an easy route.  A less busy route.  A more relaxed route.

So, there really is more than one way to do this “successful” thing.  (By the way, you can define success for yourself, however I’m referring to it as our kids and us THRIVING- together!)

Now, I’m not suggesting you do absolutely nothing ever.  Although it would make for an interesting experiment…

However, I am suggesting YOU DO LESS.


Because busy-ness is really just a drive to make yourself and your kids OK.   Sometimes it’s even to look good.  To be accepted.  To receive accolades.  Good mom comments.  Received well by others…To be viewed as ok in our culture.  To do what we somehow think is the “right” thing.

And really you and your kids are ok already.  You’re not broken.  You don’t need to fix a thing.

There may be some areas you notice feel off. But, remember, you’re all still ok.  And, not being perfect is part of our human experience.  If we keep striving to improve something for our kids and us, we miss the boat in this lifetime.

What is that boat?

Being present with our kids.  Having fun with them just as they are right now.  Fits, behaviors, maybe only doing mediocre in school or stinky in school.  Quite and shy.  Afraid to speak up.  Not so confident.

Loving them completely AND accepting them completely, right now, in the present. Not when you help them clear of whatever current ‘problem’ concerns you.

We ALL love our kids.  That’s why you’re here reading this blog.  You care.

So, do yourself and your kids a GIANT favor.

Take a break from striving and fixing.  And, instead, spend time together.  Beautiful, fun time together.  Or, just quiet relaxing time together. Do this often.  Over an over.

This can be MORE powerful than vitamins, natural remedies, special food, (which as you know, I subscribe to all of it!)…  However, time together allows you both to feel loved.

And love, well, that’s what it’s all about really.

I know a family who lost a child recently.  I wrote something on the Huffington Post blog.  It’s all about letting go of our “to do’s” and being together instead.

It’s a quick read.  And, it may inspire you to let go and enjoy your kids more.


Here’s to allowing life to be easy for our kids + us too!



PS  If you resonate with my somewhat unconventional approach to improving your kids symptoms + you’d like to help your kids (but in an easier, more mindful way), then you might like my free audio, 3 powerful steps I took to begin to improve my sons’ ASD symptoms.