I’ve Begun to Let Go More + It’s Working!

by Andrea Anderson on September 27, 2014

Sometimes we don’t even realize it but we move through our days noticing more of what’s not there, what’s missing.

What someone said that didn’t feel good.

An experience with our partner that hurt.

A frustration with one of our kids- wishing we could “figure out” how to make things flow better.

Then we stop.

We stop noticing what doesn’t feel good.

We stop trying to figure things out.

We stop blaming ourselves, our kids or our spouse.

We do all of this just long enough that we notice something….

We look around, and on that day
at that moment that we stop trying and noticing “problems”

We see something different.

We see a pretty cool life happening around us.

We see our kids as cool + great.

We see our partner as someone who has a lot of great qualities.

We see ourselves as being ok.

The world around us, our world
is actually pretty great.

It is in these moments we know what it’s like to let go.

And, I am learning the more I let go- everything is pretty damn cool.


Right here, right now

Your kids, you + your whole family are AWESOME.

Letting go allows you to see this better.

And hot damn, letting go is not always the easiest thing to do!

Ladies (and gents) I’m here for you if you want to venture more into this territory of letting go.  Helping your kids in an entirely new way.  A way that speaks to your heart.

In the meantime, blessings!

Here’s to letting go!

In light,


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Use Food to Help You + Your Kids Reach Your Desired Goals

by Andrea Anderson on September 5, 2014


What’s been coming up for me lately is this food thing.

Did you know certain foods can help you reach your goals while other foods can actually throw you off tract- never reaching your potential?

When I say this I’m referring to both YOU and your kids.

All of us are affected by food.

In talking with a Special Ed teacher at my son’s school she too sees the impact that food makes on learning and behavior for so many kids (especially kids with ADD, ADHD or autism!)

Some kids go from biting and yelling to talking and being  much more cooperative.

Others go from spaced out and confused to more focused and comfortably completing things.

While others seem to gain additional “brain power”- they begin to figure things out that they were previously stumped on, frustrated with or gave up on!


Such a simple thing and yet so super powerful.

How can you reap the joys of helping your child and you reach your intended goals?

Here’s how: (Below is an adapted excerpt from:  The Self Healing Cookbook by Kristina Turner)

If you or your child feels tense, stressed overworked, frustrated +  you want to feel:  Relaxed, mellow, more at ease, creative + intuitive


  • More assorted steamed veggies
  • Salad
  • Fresh corn or corn tortillas
  • Pot boiled grains + beans
  • Tofu, tempeh, fish
  • Local fruits + occasional juices
  • Sesame  + sunflower seed condiments
  • Gentle all natural desserts (made with natural sweeteners other than cane sugar)

If you or your child feel confused, fatigued, spacey, moody, crave sweets, susceptible to everything + you want to feel more focused, assertive, physically active, down-to-earth


  • Pressure cooked beans and grains
  • Roots + winter squashes
  • Sturdy dark greens
  • Buckwheat noodles
  • Miso soup
  • fish + sea vegetables
  • Very mild desserts (all natural, no cane sugar)
  • Toasted seed + sea vegetable condiments

As I’m typing this, I understand that not everyone is ready for a leap from their current way of eating to eating all the foods mentioned above.

I get it.

Our eating habits aren’t usually shifted overnight.

Do what you can to introduce more of the above foods.

As you move in the direction of you and your family eating more and more of these foods you’ll start to feel better and gain momentum without having to stress and try to change everything at once.

Work on bringing in new foods and focus less on removing old foods.

It’s much easier this way.

Here’s to eating in a way that helps you and your family be your best!

In light,


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