Do the Thing You Think You Can’t Do

by Andrea Anderson on November 14, 2014


I’m not a runner.

Not in the way I once viewed runners to be.

All runners were athletes to me.

I was not.

I never considered myself to be one. Maybe I could have been one.  Who knows?

I tended to shy away from most athletics.

Thought I had to be fit. strong. fast.  None of which I considered myself to be.

I’m 46.  I recently ran my 2nd half marathon.

This doesn’t make me someone special.  This just makes me someone who has finally stopped telling herself she can’t do something.

That I’m not as fit or as fast or athletic.

Instead, I’ve begun to tell myself:  I CAN.

If  an idea resonates with me.  If my heart lights up at the idea of doing something (even in some small way) Then I’m Frickin” doing it!

I stopped thinking I wasn’t one of “those” people + I became “that” person who runs races.

No I’m not a speed demon.  But, who the heck cares?

I’m doin’ it!!!

Why do I share this?

Because I’m 100% certain you’re holding yourself back somewhere too.  Probably even in more than one place.

Take a moment to check in with yourself.

Where might that be?  Where are you thinking “you can’t”.  When if you allowed yourself to tap into that inner courage, you actually could.

Allow yourself to pursue this thing- and watch how good you feel from doing it.

The energy you gain from this will not only help you feel amazing, but it will also seep into your family.  It will affect your kids wellbeing.  You feeling good always affects your family in a positive way.  It just does.

If one of those places you’ve held yourself back with is thinking your son or daughter can actually improve + heal completely from their ADD, ADHD or autism symptoms, it’s time to look at that thought again.

It took me DECIDING my sons could heal, in order for it to become reality.

Decide right now, if you haven’t, that your kid can heal.

If something in your heart resonates with this idea, if you have this inner feeling that they could be in a much better place, that’s your intuition saying YES.  It is possible.

Follow that lead and allow it to be a reality.

I’m a runner now.  I wasn’t before.  Didn’t think I could be.

My sons are healed now.  There were times when I questioned how much they’d clear from autism.

They’re cleared now.

It’s possible.  ANYTHING is possible.

Just decide now that you want more for your kids.  Decide now that you want more for you.

And then, your intuition will lead you to the next best steps that will help to make this happen.


With love, from an ex- non- runner!




I’ve Begun to Let Go More + It’s Working!

by Andrea Anderson on September 27, 2014

Sometimes we don’t even realize it but we move through our days noticing more of what’s not there, what’s missing.

What someone said that didn’t feel good.

An experience with our partner that hurt.

A frustration with one of our kids- wishing we could “figure out” how to make things flow better.

Then we stop.

We stop noticing what doesn’t feel good.

We stop trying to figure things out.

We stop blaming ourselves, our kids or our spouse.

We do all of this just long enough that we notice something….

We look around, and on that day
at that moment that we stop trying and noticing “problems”

We see something different.

We see a pretty cool life happening around us.

We see our kids as cool + great.

We see our partner as someone who has a lot of great qualities.

We see ourselves as being ok.

The world around us, our world
is actually pretty great.

It is in these moments we know what it’s like to let go.

And, I am learning the more I let go- everything is pretty damn cool.


Right here, right now

Your kids, you + your whole family are AWESOME.

Letting go allows you to see this better.

And hot damn, letting go is not always the easiest thing to do!

Ladies (and gents) I’m here for you if you want to venture more into this territory of letting go.  Helping your kids in an entirely new way.  A way that speaks to your heart.

In the meantime, blessings!

Here’s to letting go!

In light,


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