Hey there!

I’m really excited to write this post.  I just had an amazing experience while standing in the customer service  line at Best Buy.

The type of experience that has you wanting to dance and skip and climb a mountain + even cry tears of joy!  After this experience I skipped + cried tears of joy!!)

Let me start by saying, I had a desire to go to Best Buy today.  Not sure why.  However, I decided to follow it.

So, there I was quietly waiting in the customer service line at Best Buy.  I had something to exchange.  My intention was to switch it for a different gift for my sons.

Anyway, as I waited a little boy about 9 years old was asking his grandmother, who stood at the counter, if he could get a superhero cartoon dvd.  She replied, “no.”  And then added something about having enough money. He seemed really disappointed, but quietly walked away and returned the dvd to it’s proper shelf.

As I was standing there overhearing all of this I felt something.

An urge.

My heart felt light and I think I may have even felt a flutter within it.

Then a spontaneous thought came.

I’d like to get the boy that dvd.

I then began to play a little game in my head.  Maybe the grandmother (or whomever this woman was to the boy) didn’t want him to have fighting style movies.  Maybe I’d be imposing.

I started to talk myself away from that fluttering feeling in my heart and into how this wasn’t possible.

I stopped myself.

I then spontaneously asked the woman if she would mind if I bought the dvd for the boy or if she’d prefer he didn’t have that type of movie.  She said he’d love it and she’d be really ok with it.

She was genuinely surprised. She then went on to say, “Wow, I hear of this happening to people, I didn’t know it would happen to us…”

I told her when the Universe knocks with gifts, it’s always good to open the door and allow yourself to receive.  That’s my preachy side coming out! =)

The little boy then returned to the line.  I turned to him and said, do you want that movie?  He looked at me astonished.  He eagerly replied, “Yes”.

I told him, “Go ahead and grab it.”

He looked from me to his grandmother, excited, but somewhat in disbelief. His grandmother looked down at him and said, “she really wants to get this for you, can you believe it?  Isn’t that nice?”

So he happily rushed away as I stood in line.

He then returned with the DVD.  As we stood in line together we happily chatted.

I then learned that the item he and his grandmother were exchanging was an old tablet of his that broke.  He had a warranty so he was getting a new one. He casually told me that was his Christmas present.  (In my mind I thought: Another tablet that they didn’t have to pay for, that’s his gift- I’m really glad I’m doing something for this little guy!)

He then pulled out a very old, ripped up, dirty- even looked chewed up, case for this tablet.

I immediately looked at him + without hesitation said, “would you like a new case for your tablet?”

He got really excited and said, “Yes’!!

I then told him to go look for one.

He was thrilled!

As I stood there waiting for him to return, my eyes started to well up with small tears.  This little guy really didn’t have much and was so excited with the opportunity to get something he really wanted.

I’m pretty comfortable with showing my emotions in front of others, but for some reason, this time I chose not to let this boy or his grandmother see me feeling bad for them.  That + the fact that this was not about sadness.

This was about joy + doing something from my heart.

The tears lasted less than 30 secs and I moved on.

Once the boy returned, we chatted some more.  I learned his name is Dusty, he has a younger brother + his birthday is the same day as mine.  Same day as mine, huh?  I high fived him- how cool is that, we have the same birthday. The Universe works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?

Once I was up at the counter, we continued to talk.  As I went to pay for my items the cashier handed me a gift certificate for $50.  I said, “Huh? What’s this for?”  He laughed and said, “For being a good person.”  Then said, “I don’t know really, maybe a promotion of some sort?”

This guy at the store didn’t even know why I was getting this gift certificate.  In this moment I became keenly aware of something.

When we do things that feel good to our hearts- really, sincerely good to our hearts.  Not something that comes from doing or giving because you feel obligated or that it’s the “right” thing to do.  Or, that you “should” do it.  But, when you do something that you really want to do, that your heart desires to do- not only will you feel AMAZING, but you too will receive + experience great things in return.

Here’s where my story is different from other tales of doing good for others.  I didn’t do this because I thought it was the “right thing to do” or that it would be nice. I did it because my heart felt something + I allowed myself to listen + follow through. I was spontaneous and acted on this loving feeling.

This feeling, by the way, can come not just from giving.

It can hit you at the strangest of times.  It could be the urge to go for a walk or a hike.  It could be over a painting or dress that you see.  It could be over a book or trip that you yearn to take.  It could even be over a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.  It could be over a piece of cake.  It could be over ANYTHING.

When your heart opens, you know it.  It feels light.  It feels good.  It sends you an instant desire.  Don’t be afraid to act.

On the contrary, ACT.  Do something about it.  Go, follow that urge.

Desires don’t always seem practical. Do your best to not bog yourself down with all the reasons why you shouldn’t do or have this thing. (Like I almost did).

Your desire is your Truth speaking to you. Please don’t ignore your Truth.  If you do, you’ll fizzle out.

Instead, Go For It!

Once you do, I promise you, there is an amazing amount of great feelings and gifts for you on the other side.  All this, just for following your desires.

I promise.

I loved helping this boy.  It felt so good, so right to do so.

I spent the day basking in this feeling of happiness + abundance.

Wow, how blessed I am.  How blessed we all are.

I invite you to follow your desires.  You, your kids + your family will show up differently in the world when you step into your courage and allow yourself to do this.

I want these same deeply joyful feelings for you + your kids.

If you asked me, how can I help my kids right now?  You know what I would say?  At this time, take the focus off of them + start following your desires.

That’s where all the magic happens.


Sending you love filled energy + a wave of courage to have a go at this!



PS As you may have guessed, the way I’ve healed my sons of Autism + ADHD is a bit unconventional. Zero meds.  Taking some steps to heal their bodies + some steps to shift my thinking + actions. If doing something unconventional feels “right” to you + your heart + some desire is awakened when I say that, then perhaps my book is a good holiday gift idea for you?

Heres a link if it feels right!   


Do the Thing You Think You Can’t Do

by Andrea Anderson on November 14, 2014


I’m not a runner.

Not in the way I once viewed runners to be.

All runners were athletes to me.

I was not.

I never considered myself to be one. Maybe I could have been one.  Who knows?

I tended to shy away from most athletics.

Thought I had to be fit. strong. fast.  None of which I considered myself to be.

I’m 46.  I recently ran my 2nd half marathon.

This doesn’t make me someone special.  This just makes me someone who has finally stopped telling herself she can’t do something.

That I’m not as fit or as fast or athletic.

Instead, I’ve begun to tell myself:  I CAN.

If  an idea resonates with me.  If my heart lights up at the idea of doing something (even in some small way) Then I’m Frickin” doing it!

I stopped thinking I wasn’t one of “those” people + I became “that” person who runs races.

No I’m not a speed demon.  But, who the heck cares?

I’m doin’ it!!!

Why do I share this?

Because I’m 100% certain you’re holding yourself back somewhere too.  Probably even in more than one place.

Take a moment to check in with yourself.

Where might that be?  Where are you thinking “you can’t”.  When if you allowed yourself to tap into that inner courage, you actually could.

Allow yourself to pursue this thing- and watch how good you feel from doing it.

The energy you gain from this will not only help you feel amazing, but it will also seep into your family.  It will affect your kids wellbeing.  You feeling good always affects your family in a positive way.  It just does.

If one of those places you’ve held yourself back with is thinking your son or daughter can actually improve + heal completely from their ADD, ADHD or autism symptoms, it’s time to look at that thought again.

It took me DECIDING my sons could heal, in order for it to become reality.

Decide right now, if you haven’t, that your kid can heal.

If something in your heart resonates with this idea, if you have this inner feeling that they could be in a much better place, that’s your intuition saying YES.  It is possible.

Follow that lead and allow it to be a reality.

I’m a runner now.  I wasn’t before.  Didn’t think I could be.

My sons are healed now.  There were times when I questioned how much they’d clear from autism.

They’re cleared now.

It’s possible.  ANYTHING is possible.

Just decide now that you want more for your kids.  Decide now that you want more for you.

And then, your intuition will lead you to the next best steps that will help to make this happen.


With love, from an ex- non- runner!