My Sleeping Bag Experience

by Andrea Anderson on September 22, 2015



When I was young my parents would send me to Girl Scout camp for 2 weeks every summer.  It was an overnight camp, situated in the woods.  Very rustic.  I spent 99% of my time outdoors!!  I loved every minute of it!

Making new friends.





Building fires.

Sleeping in tents or lean-tos.

I didn’t even mind the bugs.  (Not sure why, guess I just didn’t pay them much attention and they in turn didn’t pay much attention to me either!)

On one particular night, while I was asleep in my tent, I somehow managed to turn myself around in my sleeping bag. My feet ended up where my head would typically be- out in the open air- breathing in oxygen!!!

Consequently, my head ended up being where my feet would normally be- at the bottom of my sleeping bag where there is much less oxygen to breathe and very little room to move.

At some point in the night, after I managed to position myself ‘upside down’ in my sleeping bag, I began to try to move again, only, my half asleep self couldn’t quite figure out why I wasn’t able to move that much. Then, my half asleep self couldn’t quite figure out why it was feeling difficult to breathe.

Eventually, after struggling for a bit, I awoke in a panic and very confused.  Why was my movement so restricted? What the heck was going on? I asked myself.

I guess I must have begun to yell out for help because a camp counselor arrived to unzip my sleeping bag, have a little laugh and inform me that I had turned myself around in my bag while sleeping.

I felt relieved knowing I was safe.

I think about this situation now and I chuckle.

If us humans (myself included) could (ALWAYS) and by the way, it’s impossible to do anything ALWAYS, so I’m using this word in a light humorous way…

Back to what I was saying.  If we could just remember that sometimes ‘we turn ourselves around.’  We do something that mixes us up.

It could be an argument with our kids, it could be something is “off” at school for them, it could show up in personal relationships, career, your weight- you take your pick really.

The idea is, something goes “wrong” and we then allow that event or thought concerning that situation to ‘mix us up,’ so-to-speak.  To allow us to think that somehow we’re not ok. Or, that our kids are not ok.

It’s from this thinking, that we begin to feel upset.

These unsettled feelings are the very beginning of us turning ourselves around in our sleeping bags. 

Meaning, we went from feeling ok, to turning our thinking around, shifting our thoughts to NOT being ok and NOT thinking we’re ok. We began to shift our view of our kids to “they are not ok,” or perhaps depending on the situation, that we are not ok.

Very often we do this unintentionally.  Or, sometimes intentionally.  Doesn’t matter really.

However, if you’re willing, try to help yourself bypass the panic and worry. Instead, take a moment to pause.  Notice what you began to think and notice how you’re feeling.  Feeling unsettled is a sure sign you began to “mix yourself up”.

And, if you’d like, you can try remembering me in my sleeping bag, at camp- then tell yourself, “Oh, I just turned myself around.”

Honestly, it’s that simple.  That uncomplicated, really.

All it takes is a wee bit of time AND relaxing and we can have ourselves back in a comfortable place.

If I had spent hours panicking, I would have worn myself out and maybe even caused an even bigger problem.

Lucky for me, a camp counselor was there to show me I was ok.

My 2 cents: Have someone in your life who reminds you (when you panic or forget) that you’re ok.  It’s ok.  And, soon, after you relax, things just may turn themselves around.

Here’s to life + sleeping in sleeping bags ‘right side up!’ (Oh, and friends, family or mentors who help us be in that place!) =)



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Fun Technique to Help Calm You + Your Kids

by Andrea Anderson on June 26, 2015


I’ve been doing something lately that has helped me to clear my thoughts, feel more content and grounded.

This is something I recommend to other moms and their kids.

And this same technique helps to ease anxiety too.  Anyone have anxious feelings sometimes?  Or how about anxious kids?

Hot damn!  In the world we live in, feeling rushed and anxious has become the norm for many- not a healthy norm, but the norm, none-the-less.

So what the heck is the technique I’ve been using on myself that has helped me a lot?

I take my shoes and socks off and walk in the grass, on the driveway, in the sand or dirt.  I do this for at least 10 minutes (or more!)

So what’s the big deal about doing this?

Well, our bodies become affected by the energy of the computers, and cellphones we use, then there’s the lack of being outside and spending the majority of our time inside.  There’s our stressful thoughts, chaotic experiences with family or work… On and on.

Each of these things contributes to ‘funking up’ yes, I said ‘funking up’ (never even thought about using the other F word, just felt like using a clever, made- up word! wink, wink!)  So back to the point, our energy and bodies are greatly impacted by our environment.

When we take a walk outside and connect with the earth, no shoes, no rubber separating us from the ground, we reconnect with the earth’s energy.

Everything is made up of energy, our earth is no exception.  She’s made up of crazy, strong GROUNDING energy.  Taking a few minutes to walk around barefoot will allow you to clear out some of that funky energy you’ve been exposed to during the day and realign your body, and even recalibrate your thoughts.

Translation:  Feel more relaxed + grounded.

This is also excellent for our kids too!

Even better, have the entire family get outside without your shoes on, and watch what happens after doing this for awhile- you will all begin to feel better.

So simple + yet so helpful!

Have fun!

It’s the perfect time of the year to go outside without shoes on!

Here’s to wiggling your toes in the sand, garden + driveway!

I’m excited to get my tootsies outside right now! Wink, wink!



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