So, even though I healed both of my sons of autism and ADHD, I still face new challenges with them at times.

As long as I’m alive, I will continue to create and attract new situations to expand from.

My sons (and your kids/teens) will do the same for you.

It’s part of the deal with choosing to be a parent.

We will ALL meet with challenges of some sort or another.

The beauty is in how we choose to handle these “challenges”.

Do we yell and cry, blame, feel like a victim until our kids or spouse “fix the problem”, or do we decide to rise up, decide we will have better than what is showing up in our world at the moment, and place our energy and focus, on feeling better.

Because we’ve learned, (or are learning) once we begin to feel better, even just slightly, we are letting go of resistance and stress. And it is in this letting go, that we allow in more of what we really want. 

Like, getting along well.

Kids who feel good.

Kids + teens who feel better about themselves.

New ideas to help our kids + ourselves surface in our minds when we feel good.

Consider it a bit of divine inspiration, which only comes when we are aligned, aka- feeling good!

Recently I had an experience with one of my sons that had me concerned and fearful. He had a fit and was in a very anxious energy. No one could talk him out of it.

I knew darn well, he had been eating food with gluten and food chemicals, was using electronics a lot (think EMFs) and was more than likely exposed to environmental chemicals too.

We were just back from a great vacation, so my son didn’t have a real emotional reason to get upset and anxious so quickly, other than his body was “off”.

The words he was using and the way he was acting was showing me he needs help.

However, here’s the clencher. Now that he’s a teenager, he’s making lots of food choices, etc for himself and he’s not allowing himself to be too concerned about what he does and doesn’t eat.

Ugh. I don’t want him to worry about his food, I just wish he would be more mindful.

So, where have I landed with all of this?

I’m going to share some new ideas with him, and connect him with people who can help him learn to meditate, EFT-tap, get out in nature more.

All the things I’ve talked to him about before, but, because I’m his mom, he may need to hear it more clearly and solidly from someone else.

I will also supplement his current vitamin regime with detox smoothies (which were on the back burner for awhile). Now with this new anxiety creeping up I know it’s a sign to clean out his body.

Additionally, I will add supplements/herbs to remove fungus and parasites.

Those pesky critters can impact not only someone’s weight, appetite, bloat in the gut, but also impact emotions, due to the neurotoxins excreted into the body and the imbalance that’s created as a result.

So, I can’t control all of my sons choices, nor do I want to.

I do want to see him healthy and happy and thriving.

I’m also reminding myself, he may not want these things for himself.


And, if he doesn’t, I will be sad and probably a bit fearful for a bit, however, I will always choose to rise up from these emotions and move past fear.

My sons are here on earth creating their own path and I will love them and try my best to help them, always. As long as they want my help.

In the meantime, I carve out time regularly to look at pictures of them from years past, and make lists of what I love about them.

In doing this, I connect to a loving high vibration.

I begin to feel really good.

And I reconnect to the feeling that, no matter what, they are “ok” even if they are doing something I don’t like. They are still ok.

I love you Forrest + Boden.

Thank you for being my greatest teachers + mentors.

You’ve shown me that we really are ALL meant to do our own thing in life, even if that “thing” is not accepted by others.

And damn, you’ve motivated me to learn more about food, nutrition, supplements, life, positive psychology, spirituality, law of attraction and just about anything, that would help you and myself feel good. Be confident. And live our potential.

If it wasn’t for you, I’d have a life that lacked depth, meaning, and damn, I feel smarter and happier from being your mom.

Deep love + thanks.

Here’s to ALL of us moms (and Dads) feeling smarter, happier and really beginning to thrive even in the midst of frickin’ chaos.

I’m here with you. Walking this path. And, I’ve got your back.



PS If you want direct support with any concerns you have with your son or daughter, you’re welcome to apply for a private coaching session with me. During the session, I’ll help you uncover the root of the behavior or area of concern and set up simple action steps to begin to resolve the “issue”. Apply here.

PPS If you just want some basics for getting starting with helping your kids’ symptoms improve naturally, here’s an audio I created to help you know where to begin first.

Andrea Anderson

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For families with anxiety, learning challenges, ADD, ADHD + autism.

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She Is The One Who “Heals” Her Kids

by Andrea Anderson on May 6, 2019

What type of woman helps herself and her “higher needs” kids tap into their potential? THIS type of woman does it.

She is a lovely human. Not perfect. But, open.

Her voice is soft with love + caring.

Her voice is strong and sometimes faltering.

She tries. She notices herself and her kids.

She wants MORE. She pushes sometimes.

Overly trying, because she wants so damn much, more than anything in the world, for her kids to be “ok”.

But, she’s become aware of her pushing and trying hard.

So now, she’s learned to step back.

She feels her emotions.

She listens to what her emotions reveal to her.

She’s learned to follow her intuition and let it guide her and her choices.

She didn’t always know to do this.

But, she’s gained wisdom and this easier approach to helping.

Helping herself + her family.

She cares. And knows there’s more to helping her kids than just what she can think of.

She understands it can take a village.

And she now uses her intuition to connect with her “right” people + guides, so that she and her kids are fully supported and moving in the “right” direction.

She is beautiful inside and out.

Whether others agree or not has started to not matter any longer. However, she’s begun to feel something beautiful inside of her.

I’ve never seen her.

I coach her on the phone.

But, I can hear her beauty in her voice.

In her trying.

In her care.

In her love for her kids.

I know this woman like I know myself.

I have been her.

I have walked her walk.

And, I am deeply honored to guide her.

To help her whether she’s in darkness or light.

She’s unaware, but I love her like a close friend, even though she’s a client.

She’s vulnerable with me. Opening up with the scary stuff.

I respect her for this.

It’s not easy showing our wounds + admitting life, our kids + we are less than perfect.

She does it though.

Because it brings her relief.

Because it brings her new ideas.

A higher vibration.



Leaning into her potential.

Helping her kids tap into theirs.

This is my favorite client.

She connects with my heart. And I, with hers.

From here, the synergy is amazing.

Expansion inevitable.

This woman finally sees her greatness.

Her kids get to Shine.

I get to feel honored and blessed to be on this journey with them.

Thank you.

So much love,


PS If you resonate with anything I shared, and you’re ready to step into something MORE for you and your kids, lets talk. You’re welcome to apply for a private coaching session with me. Together we’ll look at your life. Your kids. And you. We’ll shine a light on areas of concern. You’ll walk away feeling refreshed, with new ideas for clearing your areas of concern for you and your kids. And, these actions steps will feel completely in alignment with what you can handle right now, for where you and your kids are at. Raise your hand and apply and if you’re ready for something better.

PPS Or, if you’d like to learn as you go, on your own, you can grab a copy of my book here. (First 2 chapters are F*ree and downloadable, whether you buy or not!)

Andrea Anderson, CHHC

A mom who healed her sons of ADHD + autism naturally.

And, an Author. Coach + Mentor

For families with anxiety, learning challenges, ADD, ADHD + autism.

Helping moms improve their kids + teen’s symptoms naturally and get their life back!